Posted december 6th, 2010 by captianmark55 forum topic hi all of you attractive single female sailing enthusiasts. ) is a sad commentary of your life as well aol chat online physician sex . All is good here, im in st barths with a female friend and we are having a ball but she has to go back to the real world and i d prefer a longer term companion, though im not complaining at this pointl cheers to all and have a happy holiday. This feature is only available to paid subscribers. On december 25th, 2010 sailor (anonymous) says: i guess i need an education on how to post on forums, i cant spell, i have the wrong ages, etc aol chat online physician sex . If you are uscg licensed then you might want to correct the spelling of your handle on this board. What he is doing in dominica is just darn interesting. So you should be looking in the 40s to 60s not the 50s. On december 20th, 2010 mitchm says: there are a lot of terrific women sailors out there. By the way, my boat is for sale, google sanctuary, island spirit 37 for details, located in tortola now. Just gotta add, i have sailed with capt mark during the bucket regatta in 2013 in st. I the intent of my post shoudl be evident = im a single guy having a ball in the caribbean an im looking for female company. I just need one more year here to get ready to go, and i am going. Unfortunately your post about only wanting them to look good in a bathing suit is likely to get you only goldseeking unacomplished bimbos. I didnt realize i had to be so specific and that having a license required perfect spelling.

Im not looking for freeloaders, ill do this solo if i have to, done it before. If he was looking for an uptight, politically correct, women s rights advocate then he would have stated that was what he was looking for, he obviously was not looking for one of those. Look in the mirror and take a reality check, this ad wasn t about you. ;=p let s see, which island should i visit next.   so here goes, under 50 years old, no smoking (cigs), no religious or control freaks and you look good in a swim suit (you are not fat. On may 15th, 2013 sailor (anonymous) says: i think many people today are stuck on stupid with the way they think about how to find a relationship. I would never ever ever sail with a guy looking for female ``(s)crew. I hardly ever see anyone not in swim suits in articles about your area, so why not ask for those that look good. `` i am actually there just to sail that`s it.   if you think im superficial, sorry, but this saves everyone a lot of time. We spend 24 hours a day down here in our bathing suits, so it is important, i like beautiful things around me, don t you. Capt mark on december 18th, 2012 sailor (anonymous) says: capt mark just go for it.   then back to the bvi for march-april, then antigua sailing week, then down island may-july ending in grenada. To subscribe to yuvutu, click on the subscribe link at the top of the page.     on december 9th, 2010 sailor (anonymous) says: im the clown, but im sailing the caribbean while u r all calling me names, so who is the solo sailor here.

(the correct spelling was taken) i am not looking for a roommate, im looking for a companion, so sorry if im not politically correct but i am a really honest guy and thought id cut through the bs and tell it like it is. Yeah, he can get a little cheeky but he is fair and harmless and he knows how to handle his boat and all the great areas of the caribbean.   i own and live on my 37 four stateroom cat presently in anguilla but headed for st.carlsbau im glottertal webcam.
. I am a non-smoker, non-drinker and live a really healthy lifestyle. Its a smoggers board out there of lovely females just waiting to bait your hook so to speak and so their should be too. You miss the point, im not looking for delivery crew, im doing the same thing millions of people do nowadays, and that s look on line for companionship. Ha ha i cant stop laughing if you only knew how much fun it is to be doing something instead of commenting on what other are doing. I agree that the age limitation described is too limiting. There is ladies/ women/girls out there that will love to sail with you, the california guy that bought the discounted yacht(her husband passed, she sold the 36 foot i think it was in the med) he has spent his time sailing with female crew all over the med area without fail. ) im tall dark and handsome, originally from northern california, in pretty good shape and have been sailing the caribbean and the world for over 30 years (im 53). It`s probably got something to do with that lovely personality of yours.   yes, i am up front about your looks, because i am not only looking for a temporary travel partner but long term relationship and i know what i like. Advertise for all girl crew in australia it not gunnu matter if your the size of haystacks calhoun you re gunnu need 3 phones to answer all the enquiries. .Julia schmitt rimbach webcam.

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